Cost-efficient and reliable

Our current partners

Cost efficiency, flexibility and mobility are the core values, the USPs, that form the foundation of our collaboration with our international partners. This successful collaboration is partly the reason we are able to complete projects at national and international level.  

HORI Bauservice GmbH (part of the ADCO Group)

ADCO is a global leader in mobile, standalone sanitary solutions. The company strives for the most superior standards in hygiene and safety. HORI Bauservice GmbH is the developer for temporary mobile work and living systems with an in-house lease portfolio of over 12,000 units. Since their search for alternatives to the conventional construction sector started in 2010, HORI has grown to be leading party for the modular construction segment.

NOVOCONT Systembau GmbH

NOVOCONT has offered comprehensive services for construction projects since 1996 - including engineering, architecture, production planning, quality monitoring and project management.  

FM LeasingPartner GmbH

Germany’s largest leasing broker with a strong network in the national and international financial sector. This collaboration means we are one of the few providers in the Dutch segment for ‘mobile and temporary work or living systems’ offering all forms of leasing, rental and hire purchase.

Geling Advies - spatial development

Geling Advies is a reliable, knowledgeable and ingenious consultancy firm in the Netherlands. We work together on topics such as: accommodation for migrant workers and the required substantiation for receiving a (temporary) permit.