Cost-efficient and reliable

Flexible, mobile and reliable

Modular housing

From design to warranty

Affordable housing

We offer the perfect solution in the Netherlands and Europe for the ever-growing demand for accommodation, e.g. for migrant workers, at an affordable level. 

We use your needs as the starting point to develop a realistic concept, together with our architects and engineers, which will result in a suitable temporary building. Our specialists arrange permits and the installation of the building. The buildings we provide meet all legal requirements, and offer comfort and safety.

  • Consistent solutions with perspective and flexibility for the future.
  • Only certified materials are used. 
  • Permanent quality monitoring
  • Delivery and installation strictly by our own employees only and with in-house supervision.

Practical examples of “Temporary accommodation”

Our modular housing accommodation makes the best use of the available space, with fast implementation, for great quality of life for residents - all at a very interesting cost level for the client.